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Marketing & Social Media

Lights, Camera, Action: Making An Impact Using Video

Research states that viewers, on average, retain 95% of the content from a video they recently watched versus the 10% they retain from reading the …

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation: The Battle Between Referrals and Farming

What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is the act of gaining interest and trust in a product or service to develop a sales deal. But …

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Time Management

The Keys To Maintaining Work/Life Balance

It is important to maintain a work/life balance so you can grow an amazing, strong business while having a happy family to come home to. …

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Client Experience

3 Reasons You’re Suffering Without A CRM

Does your Mortgage or Real Estate business have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) in place? Or are you suffering without a CRM? To help …

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Professional Growth

12 Irresistible Reasons You Need A Coach

We know joining any new program can be scary, but if you really want to grow your business, having a coach is the way to …

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Client Experience

7 Must-Have Tips To A Strong Follow-Up System

Do you currently have a strong follow-up system? Do your potential clients feel appreciated, known, and cared for BEFORE they agree to work with you? …

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