7 Must-Have Tips To A Strong Follow-Up System

Do you currently have a strong follow-up system? Do your potential clients feel appreciated, known, and cared for BEFORE they agree to work with you? At The CORE, we believe in building strong relationships with clients, which all starts with what you do after the first initial meeting.  Most potential clients might know 4-5 individuals in the Mortgage or Real Estate Industry besides you, so we need to convince them that you are their best option while staying top of mind. We’re giving you 7 steps to be on your way to a new client, and a great follow-up plan to use for your business!


Steps 1-5: Call Your Leads!!

Your first 5 steps are to call the lead! It’s easy to think that after the first meeting, they know who we are, what we do, and that they’ll call us when they’re ready. If we sit around and wait, someone else in the same profession could grab this lead or they could easily forget about your services! It’s important to stay in contact with potential leads/clients and call them every 2-3 days. Contacting these people every 42-78 hours helps you to stay in touch with them.

You can ask them questions like, “Do you have the information you need to make an educated decision?”, “Is there anything else I can provide to help you make a clear decision?”, “How do I help you further your decision along?” and “When do you think you will be ready?”. Staying in touch with your leads helps bring you to the top of their mind and shows commitment to them as a client. If you get someone’s voicemail instead of them, here’s a few tips on leaving an impactful voicemail.



Step 6: Personalized Video From You

The next step to your follow-up plan is to send them a personalized video from you. In this video you are telling them about who you are and what you offer. You encourage them to try your company, give you a shot, and reinforce how much you will take care of them and not disappoint throughout the process. Remind them that you want to be on this journey with them and look forward to them reaching out to you.


Step 7: Video Testimonial From Current or Past Client

People love to hear success stories from past clients as well as current clients, which is why it is so important to share someone\’s experience with your potential client. Try to choose a testimonial that is most similar to this person.  Emailing them a video from a client who has worked with you and your company shows them a real-life example of someone that chose to go with you and was impressed. This helps them to make a decision and convinces them to trust you and your services since they get to hear from a like-minded individual.


Conclusion: Strong Follow-Up System

Building a strong follow-up system not only sets your business up for success, but also helps potential clients feel more valued and taken care of. When clients feel this way not only will they want to go with you and your business, but they will also refer others down the road. Remember to call your potential clients, check-in with them, and stay in touch throughout the process. Don\’t forget to send them a personalized video from you, as well as a testimonial from a current or past client. Doing these 7 steps will help you to gain client\’s trust and their business! For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.


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