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We track everything! Last year, we created 221 new millionaires on our mortgage coaching and real estate coaching program. Schedule your FREE coaching call to discover how YOU can be next.

We Create Millionaires

Last year, we created 221 millionaires through our industry renown accountability coaching program

Learn From the Best

Our mortgage coaches and real estate coaches have an average income of $3.6M and $2M in savings

Double Your Income

Our clients have a 96% success rate on our program. We believe in profitability through accountability

Why do People Choose The CORE Training, Inc.

Mortgage Coaching and Real Estate Coaching

We are one of the most referred coaching companies in the industry. Click on the video to see why.

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What Makes The CORE Training's Mortgage Coaching and Real Estate Coaching So Unique?

Simply put…our mortgage and real estate coaches believe in profitability through accountability

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    Make More

    We give you exact systems and tactics that enable you to double, triple and quadruple your income

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    Save More

    We will help you plan and save for retirement so that you can build wealth and create financial freedom

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    Give More

    We don't just focus on building wealth, we also encourage you to give back to those in need

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97% of our lender clients repeatedly make the Scotman's Guide every year

0 Donated to Charity

Last year, our CORE community donated $20M to various charities and organizations

0 Percentage Referred

On average, 75% of our clients have joined our program due to the results of a professional acquaintance or competitor.

0 Top Client Earned

Last year, our top client earned $18M as a result of our mortgage and real estate coaching

0 Cash Net Worth Percent Increase

Our average client's cash net worth increased by 104% over a 2 year period

We are helping thousands of mortgage lenders and real estate agents around the world get tangible results!

We believe in delivering amazing “client service” and creating a “WOW” experience. Please view just a few testimonials from our clients about our mortgage coaching and real estate coaching program
Shanon Schinkel
Shanon Schinkel
I was introduced to the CORE 4 years ago and what an amazing 4 years it’s been. After learning from them, I realized I had been successful by accident and was not doing anything to make my referral business sustainable. In these 4 years, my income has tripled, my savings has increased tenfold & my quality of life is so much better. I could not have achieved these results without you.
Julie Bettosini
Julie Bettosini
The Core Training has changed the way I approach the Real Estate business. The systems and structure that my team now has in place as a result of their coaching program has allowed us to serve more clients with a consistent, concierge experience. The Coaches are beyond top notch and deliver consistent and relevant content as we pivot through the constant changes in our industry. The coaching students are an amazing community of professionals that add not only to the culture of the Core, but have become some of my dearest friends and business advisors. I could never have grown exponentially as well as personally without the Core's coaching. They have pushed me to places I could never have imagined in my personal, professional and financial life and I am forever grateful for the accountability that I could have never given myself!
Keith King
Keith King
I have had mentor's and coaches for over two decades. The Core Training is the best there is. You will learn how to make more, save more, and give more money than you ever have. The wisdom gained from the Core Coaching Program will not only benefit you today, but will impact the future of your children's children.
Holly Quinn, The Platinum Group, Realtors
Holly Quinn, The Platinum Group, Realtors
I was introduced to The CORE by one of my favorite lenders. I will be forever grateful to her and The CORE. This organization helps teach the systems we need to stay on track and follow where our business is coming from. In one year, my business has almost doubled! The things I have learned have helped with both my personal and professional life. I love that The CORE looks at everything! If you are on the fence, do it! You will not be sorry!
The Randy Miller Homes Team
The Randy Miller Homes Team
I considered real estate coaching with The Core Training in 2014 and traveled to Dallas to attend one of their events. I decided not to apply for coaching at that point, which is probably the biggest professional mistake of my career. Fast forward to 2019, when my small team of 3 was overwhelmed, lacking proper structure, but doing a lot of business without true enjoyment. My wife Jennifer and I looked at each other one day and said simultaneously, "we need The Core." The result was a 60% increase in sales volume and net commission after our first semester, a dramatic improvement in life/work balance, an addition of 2 more team members, and systems that have further improved our productivity and balance. An association with "the best of the best" professionals across the country, many of whom have become close friends. But best of all, a team/office environment that makes going to work an absolute joy in a very emotional and stressful industry. We are enjoying another 30% increase in volume & revenue over 2019, which continues to improve. Being coached by coaches who are active, high producing professionals that hold you accountable - that is what we needed and I feel makes The Core superior over tired, repetitive coaching programs. We cannot speak highly enough about our experience with The Core Training.

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