3 Assured Tips To Become A Phenomenal Leader

Do you consider yourself a phenomenal leader? If not, how do you become a phenomenal leader? A great leader is not formed over night, but is created from lots of trials, lessons, and advice from others. Today we\’re giving you 3 tips from our CORE Coaches and Leaders on how you can better serve your team and improve your leadership skills.


Be A Good Listener

Be honest, how much do you actually listen to others? Most of us get stuck on what we\’re going to say next in the conversation instead of focusing on what the other person is saying. To be a good listener, you need to go into conversations with an intent to learn, open body language, and have a question-oriented mindset.  Going into the conversation with an intent to learn helps you to connect more with the speaker and understand others ideas and feelings. By asking questions, you are inviting the speaker to open up about the topic and go more in depth.

When in a conversation, try to paraphrase what the other person is saying. Doing this shows the speaker that you are paying attention and it gives them an opportunity to clarify what they mean, if necessary. Bad communication in the workplace can lead to a lack of trust, and induce stress and turnover. Being a good listener helps your team to feel heard and like they have somewhere to go to and someone to help.

Learn From & About Your Team Members

How often do you learn from your team members? When being a leader it can be difficult to take your boss hat off and remember that your team has great ideas too! There are so many opportunities for you to learn from your team members. One of your team members could be dealing with an issue that hasn\’t been resolved before and find the answer. One could be going through something difficult at home.

What can you do? Learn their love language, identify how you can be an advocate for them, and empower them! During difficult moments, we are given the opportunity to learn. Whether that is learning something work related about your team members or not, we always strive to continue learning.

At The CORE Training, we like to take personality tests like the DISC test and Enneagram test to learn about our team members early on. These tests help team members to learn their personalities and how they interact in the workplace. This helps you to communicate better with them as a leader, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing surveys is also a great method to learn how you can be a better leader to your employees. Although sometimes constructive criticism can be tough to swallow, it is always helpful and for a good purpose.

Lead Your Team

This one sounds easy right? (wink wink). Leading your team is all about being someone that others want to follow. It\’s emphasizing on your strong traits, and acknowledging the traits that aren\’t so great. It\’s being there for your team, listening to them, helping them, knowing them, and celebrating them. It\’s showing the way with a clean, firm hand. They want to be part of something bigger and are looking for someone to show them the where, why, and how of the job. You need to clearly communicate the direction, goals you want achieved, and methods to reach those goals. Doing these will help you to become a phenomenal leader for your team.


Conclusion: 3 Assured Tips To Become A Phenomenal Leader

You can do it! Leading your team sounds scary and difficult at first, but it\’s really all about being authentic. Being authentic, open, and providing clear direction helps others to want to follow you. Remember to listen to your team, be there for them, learn from them and about them, and give them direction. Everyone wants someone to look up to, and with these steps you can become the phenomenal leader your team needs you to be! For more tips, check out our Real Estate & Mortgage Lender freebies.


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