5 Practical Ways To Align Your Brand

Now a days there’s so many channels on social media and the internet that people can be searching your name for. Making sure you align your brand across all channels is important as a REALTOR ® and a Lender. A consistent brand shows professionalism and unity to your potential clients. Today, we’re giving you 5 ways you can align your brand.

1. Use The Same Social Media Handle On All Channels

Utilizing the same social media handle (the @ name) helps potential clients to be able to find you easily across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This social media handle should also be linked to your main website for easy access!

2. Use The Same Logos/Images On Each Platform’s Profile

If you update your company logo and only change it on Facebook, but forget about Twitter and Instagram, potential clients could get confused. If you’re a REALTOR ® or Lender and you get a new photo taken of you, be sure to update it across all channels as well.

3. Use The Same Brand Voice To Align Your Brand

What personality did you give your brand? Or if your brand is yourself, are you using the same personality? The phrases you use and the flow of your brand’s words all impact the overall brand voice. Your brand voice helps you stand out from the crowd and give potential clients a reliable brand persona. How can you develop your brand voice? First, take a look at your current brand voice. Is it consistent across the board? Are they different writers contributing different voices?

Take a look at how your audience currently interacts with your current voice, then look at your most engaged posts and notice the language you used. Gather data about your target audience, and be sure to use language that resonates with them. Document the brand voice that you want to go for, and give examples. Place it in a document and share it with anyone else that might be working with your brand.

4. Make Sure Your Words Match Your Actions

Does your messaging portray the truth? Are you building customers trust or breaking it down? If you post that you have amazing customer service and will respond within 8 hours, but take 3 days to respond, what is that saying about your brand? It doesn’t portray the truth, and it’s giving customers more of a reason to choose to utilize another company’s services.

5. Have Everyone On Your Team In The Loop With Your Brand

Go over your mission statement, values, goals, and brand voice with every member on your team. This could be a yearly team meeting or a refresher for your team. Send out the brand voice document, logo, photos, etc. to anyone on your team that might write to the public for your brand.

Conclusion: Ways To Align Your Brand

Did you pass the test? Or are you ready to align your brand? Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be shining in no time. Remember to utilize consistent social media handles, the same logos and photos, a unified brand voice, truth in your words, and to make your team aware. Building a great brand will help you to outshine your competitors and create the professional look you want to attract new clients. For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.


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