Our Thoughts On Zillow Acquiring ShowingTime & 2 Insider Actions You Can Take

We all heard the news about Zillow acquiring ShowingTime. We know this might not sit easy with our REALTOR® students, and we get that completely. However, we want to remind you of a couple great strategies we use here at The CORE Training, that you can utilize besides relying on these platforms and worrying about the data. Read all the way through the end for 2 key statistics we don\’t want you to forget about!


1. Remember Your VIPS!

These are the top 50 people in your life. They not only include your closest friends and family members, but also service providers such as financial planners, private bankers, and other businesspeople. It could also include loyal past clients that know, like, and trust you. This is a group of like-minded people that you get in deep relations with. How do you treat your VIPS? Consistent gifting, inviting them to events, and showing them honor. Encourage them, notice them, give them hope, accept them, thank them, and elevate them. Your VIPS are the people that know you the best. These people are the ones that will take care of you and continue to refer you to others naturally.

Focusing your time and energy on your VIPS will not only take your mind off Zillow acquiring ShowingTime, but it will also improve your relationships and build your sales up!


2. Build Quality Relationships & Provide A “WOW” Service Experience

When was the last time someone actually made you say, “WOW ”? Many of us will struggle to answer that question because it is very rare in most businesses. Making tiny adjustments that will improve your client’s experience, is one of the keys to having an amazing 2021 and ensuring your clients will continue to refer you and come back. Remember to check-in with your potential clients, referrals, VIPS, and past clients often. Doing this means more to them then just visiting a website.

Building solid relationships, showing them you care, and reminding them of why they should choose you builds customer loyalty. To help improve customer loyalty and provide a “WOW” experience, try adding these simple changes:

  1. Have an “All About You” form for every client.
  2. Do weekly status update calls.
  3. Do a small celebration for every client at closing.
  4. Call them every year on their buying anniversary. Do they know what their house is worth now?
  5. Call and wish them a Happy Birthday every year.
  6. Send out a Letter of The Heart.
  7. Connect with your current database on social media. This makes them get to know you more on a personal level.


Doing these 2 simple tips will help you to really focus on getting referrals and building the relationships you already have. For more ways to improve client engagement, check out our 7 steps here. Lastly, we’d love to share a couple statistics from Extole about referral-based businesses that will change your mindset about Zillow acquiring ShowingTime and will remind you of how important referrals and relationships are!

\”When referred by a friend, people are 4x more likely to make a purchase.\”
\”83% of customers are willing to refer after a positive shopping experience.\”

So, remember that the people that already know, like, and trust you will continue to spread the word about you as long as you treat them well and take care of them! Personal relationships WIN. So get out there and provide the best “WOW” experience for your customers!

-The CORE Training


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