5 Reasons You Need A Business Coach

Joining a new coaching program can be scary but, if you want big growth in your business, having a Real Estate or Mortgage coach is the way to go. What if we told you that by this time next year, you could have stronger client relationships and generate more warm leads? Our goal at The CORE Training is to do just that with the following tactics.

  1. Proven Processes and Scripts

Do you know what to say when speaking to potential clients? The CORE Training gives coaching students proven scripts to use when talking to referral partners and clients. Following these scripts will increase your lead conversion and help you gain confidence in your sales pitch.

The processes our coaching program keep you focused on your to-do list, money making or “GREEN” activities, and hold you accountable to your tasks. We follow up with you weekly to make sure you are completing your forms, properly following up with your leads, making your status calls, and staying organized.

  1. Roleplay & Practice

Practicing your sales pitch with like-minded individuals and a designated trainer will help you master the sales process and conquer your fear of the phone. Our students are given the opportunity to make their skills close to perfect with designated coaching calls and 24/7 access to over 500+ hours of audios and videos.

  1. Tracking the Numbers

Are you accurately tracking your numbers? Do you know how many prospecting calls you make in a day? What your conversion percentage is? What your average per deal commission is? This data gives you insight on what areas of your Real Estate or Mortgage business need improvement. At The CORE Training, we teach you how to easily track this information – you learn to use the exact same forms our top producers have used for years.

  1. Lead Generation and Conversion

Most students come into our coaching and do not have a specific plan for lead generation and conversion. We teach you the best ways to generate more warm leads, while helping you identify what leads will convert at a higher rate. More lead generation and conversion = more business for you!

  1. Accountability

At The CORE Training, you are assigned a designated trainer and coaching group with individuals that have similar businesses in markets all over the country. When you join our Level 1 Coaching program you are provided a personal concierge that checks-in with you, keeps you up to date on calls, answers any of your questions, and makes sure you turn in your forms.

Conclusion: You Need a Business Coach

If you want to continue to grow your mortgage business and build a stronger reputation in the mortgage industry, sign up for a FREE Consultation today!