4 Things Every Top-Producer Has on Their Desk Each Morning

The best way to achieve your goals is to be ready and organized each morning. By making sure these 4 items are on your desk every morning you can walk right in your office and execute every day like a top producer.

  1. Calendar for the Day
    When your calendar for the day is printed and, on your desk, you are more likely to remain on task.  Stick to your calendar. Be sure to time block your tasks and leave ample time to do your main job, prospecting. You can even print you week-at-a-glance and month-at-a-glance if that helps you keep your goals in mind.
  2. Call List for the Day
    Each day you should have a list of people that you need to call for check-in’s, updates or asking for a referral. Having a list of everyone that you need to call with their phone number will help eliminate any distractions when it is time to knock out those calls. Cross out the names as you go. Not only will it keep your place on the list, but it will also keep you motivated to finish. Pro Tip: make notes about each call on that list or a sperate sheet and have your assistant input those notes into your CRM after you are finished.
  3. Greatness Tracker
    At The CORE, we believe in a referral-based business. Nurturing relationships with the people who know, like, and trust you is how to build such a business. The Greatness Tracker is a form we use to track these lead-generating activities, so this is your efforts and results form.
  4. Lead Tracker
    A lead is anyone who talks about your business. Track all leads by calendar month. It is better to put down every potential lead that comes in, even if you don’t feel they are a strong lead or not ready. You must have a way to contact them to count as a lead. Many times, leads come back to us because of our follow-up.

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