3 Steps to Dominate Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business in 2023

Hopeful = feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event 

Intentional = done on purpose; deliberate 

Are you hoping that 2023 is more prosperous than last year? Do you want to generate more leads? More money? More time?  

Have you set goals that you are hoping will come to fruition?  


Do you have intentional steps and tactics in place in order to ensure you hit your goals? Do you have a plan that ensures you are using your time wisely?  

The CORE has a plan! 

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday = Results days. You make most of your lead generating calls these days, schedule impactful meetings with referring partners and work your leads hard! 

Thursday = Remodel Day. This is a day for you to work on your coaching/training so you can tighten up your business, systems, and processes.  

Friday = Recovery Day/Whale Chasing. Finish the week strong by calling 20 whales, once you finish your whale calls it’s time for team / client meetings and wrapping up your week. Now is not the time to slow it down on Fridays but ramp it up and make your calls so you can reap the rewards a couple months down the road.  

Is your week structured this way? Do you have your theme days’ time-blocked into your schedule and are you sticking to the plan?  

3 steps to working this plan:  

  1. Power Hour – between 10am-12pm every day you should have your power hour time-blocked on your schedule so you can make your theme day calls. Tune out all distractions and get it done, power hour is mandatory. 
  1. Printed Schedule – print out your week at a glance every Friday for the following week so you know what to expect on Monday. Print your daily schedule the night before so it’s ready to go when you come into work. Working off a printed schedule is KEY to staying on track! 
  1. Accountability – you need someone on your team to hold you accountable to ensure you are sticking to your time block and schedule. Have a team member hand you your theme day call list for your power hour, as you call check off the names. At the end of your power hour / theme day calls hand it back to them completed. Don’t have a team? Find someone in your office willing to hold you accountable! 

Trust the process and you will come out on the other side of this market! You can’t grow your business by just crossing your fingers and hoping it all works out. You must be intentional, The CORE is here to help you every step of the way! 

Ready to take the next step?

Do you need help staying accountable for your business’s growth? The CORE is a mortgage & real estate coaching company with real testimonials that teaches our clients to know and track their numbers, and give back to others and the community as well as our coaches who are active in the business. We pride ourselves on being authentic and transparent. If you are interested in knowing more, sign up for a FREE Coaching Call today! Make More. Save More. Give More.