3 Tactics Every Real Estate Agent Should Try

Are you depending on ads, billboards, buying leads, and other expensive ways to grow your real estate business? If you are like many real estate agents who use these tactics with very little return on investment, then it\’s time to stop what you are doing and try these 3 tactics that are simple, affordable, and definitely worth your time.

1) Focus on Referrals (Building Relationships)

A system that has helped thousands of real estate agents build deeper relationships and generate more referrals is The CORE Training\’s \”Top 50 List System.\” This system includes the following:

  • Top 50 Past Clients
  • Top 50 VIPs/Favorite People

Call 12 of your Top 50 VIPs every Monday and call 12 of your Top 50 Past Clients every Thursday. That means everyone on your lists should be contacted once a month. The goal is to build deeper relationships with people you have already worked with and business professionals in your community. In return, you will be the person they send referrals to!

2) Use the \”FORD\” Call Format

You built your Top 50 Lists, now what?

Use the \”FORD\” Call Format to build and deepen relationships with your past clients and referral partners:

  • F is for \”family\”
  • O is for \”occupation\”
  • R is for \”recreation\”
  • D is for \”dreams\”

Be sure to enter your notes from each call into your CRM so you can pick up where you left off when you call them next month.

3) Work with Builders

Identify the builders in your community that you would like to work with and stop by to see them every Friday.

Real estate agents in The CORE Training\’s real estate coaching program often visit builders with food, snacks, as well as personalized gifts. The Monday after, follow up with the builders you visited and continue building that relationship with them.

It is also recommended to get educated on their products and send them a \”builder packet\” with a personal handwritten note, your resume, a marketing proposal, a letter of recommendation, etc.

Get Ready to Implement

If you are ready to get more high quality leads and referrals, stop what you\’re doing and implement these three tactics today. Real estate agents from around the nation are using these methods to generate more revenue for their businesses and so can you.

Want more tips? Watch Reeta Casey\’s complimentary training video \”How to Build a Profitable Database\” to learn more prospecting and lead generation tactics for your real estate business: http://bit.ly/DatabaseDollars