Increase Your Lead Conversion With One Simple Adjustment

Most salespeople will tell you the most important part of sales is lead generation, and they might be right. However, no matter how good your lead generation is, you will not get far if all those leads do not convert.

How Do You Convert leads?

Traditionally, lead conversion is done by getting face-to-face with the client, however during the past two years we have seen a major shift towards online appointments and all things VIRTUAL. While the concept of doing business virtually is not new, it has never been so prevalent and universally accepted as it is today. People not only accept it, but they also expect it!

What’s Wrong with Virtual Appointments?

While the ability to meet with a client virtually is convenient, it drastically decreases a client’s receptivity and engagement. Virtual appointments are much easier to schedule, less time consuming and you never even have to leave your office! Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, even though we have seen an enormous increase of virtual business, we have also seen a notable decline in overall lead conversion.

How Do We Turn This Around?

It may feel very discouraging to keep increasing your effort, and still seeing the needle not budge an inch, but the answer is simpler than some would like to believe. What’s the secret? Getting face-to-face again! The only way to see your conversion rate go up to where it used to be, is to go back to how you used to do business: in person. We have seen some conversion rates go up almost 50% in a matter of days, just by ditching the virtual appointments and getting up close and personal with the client again. Don’t be afraid to start asking your clients to come into the office again, and start doing business a little more old fashioned. It might just be the shake-up your business needs.

Ready to take the next step?
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