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The CORE Training is the best there is!

"I have had mentor's and coaches for over two decades. The CORE Training is the best there is. You will learn how to make more, save more, and give more money than you ever have. The wisdom gained from The CORE Coaching Program will not only benefit you today, but will impact the future of your children's children."
- Keith King
"I was introduced to The CORE by one of my favorite lenders. I will be forever grateful to her and The CORE. This organization helps teach the systems we need to stay on track and follow where our business is coming from. In one year, my business has almost doubled! The things I have learned have helped with both my personal and professional life. I love that The CORE looks at everything! If you are on the fence, do it! You will not be sorry!"
Holly Quinn
"The CORE is outstanding. They have helped me build a team with systems and procedures in place to offer an extremely high level of service to my clients. They've helped me realize the importance of leadership and investing in my team members. I love going to the summits and being surrounded by a group or realtors and lenders that are better than me in every way. They push me to be my best and they set an example for people who live full lives yet still make time for their families. The CORE has raised my game and pushed me to save money and give back to the community. I am a better person because of the Core. I highly recommend them."
Ruth Krishanan
"The CORE has changed everything about how I do business. No more buying Leads! I get leads from my sphere. I keep track of my numbers and contacts. I'm getting referrals and I feel like staying in contact with the sphere is making them aware of how much I need their help in my business. I'm hiring an assistant soon and running this like a real business now."
Loria Hamilton-field
"This coaching program has transformed my business and my life! I was working 7 days a week, had zero work life balance and was spinning my wheels. 2 yrs in I am making more and working less and ENJOYING life!"
Ragan McKinney
"Life changing! This company is about sharing tactics for running and growing a successful mortgage business. It is extremely tactical - which is what attracted me to it over other mortgage coaching options. It is not "you could do this, or maybe do this" - as a prior engineer, giving me that many options just led to over-analysis and not enough action. The CORE says - just do what we tell you to do. If you do - it will grow your business, your bank account, and your love for this crazy mortgage industry!"
Tara Ryan
"The CORE Training, Inc is by far the best coaching company in the country. They completely transformed by mortgage business and doubled my income. If you want to be a top producer and get the edge over your competition then sign up today!"
Corey Hutcherson
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