Don’t Pull Your Hair out! Try Rick Ruby’s Time Management Tips

Do you often find yourself working too many hours and wishing there were more hours in the day? If you answered yes, then you are like many other real estate and mortgage professionals: You struggle with time management.

With summer just arriving, it\’s time to gain control of your daily schedule so you can boost your productivity, work less hours, and spend more time with your family. The CORE Training\’s founder & head coach, Rick Ruby, shares his tips on how to master time management:

1) Print Your Daily Schedule

Print and follow a daily schedule. It should include prospecting time (Power Hours), meetings, callback times, and other work-related tasks as well as personal duties, such as weekly date nights with your spouse. Stick to your daily schedule and you will quickly find time in your day to handle more work and spend more time with your family.

2) Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions

Get more done each day by avoiding unnecessary interruptions. If you have a team, you should have daily team meetings every morning to review your team\’s concerns, questions, and to get updates on current projects and tasks. Avoid getting distracted by e-mails and phone calls by blocking out two times each day to return calls and respond to messages.

3) Mastering Time Management

Mastering time management so you can accomplish more tasks and spend time with your family is simple once you commit to it. It\’s time to get committed!

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