2 Reasons You’ve Lost Important Clients & How To Fix It

How can you better retain your clients instead of losing clients? These tips from Senior Real Estate Coach, Kendra Cooke, will guide you to retaining clients and improving relationships. We know it can be hard when your business is doing well then all of a sudden you realize your losing clients, but don\’t worry, our CORE Coaches are trained experts on keeping clients happy and generating referrals from those clients!

Our CORE Coach Kendra developed a successful Real Estate career, delivering great service to more than 100 families annually while working less than 40 hours per week. Kendra was a student of Rick Ruby\’s at the #1 Most Referred Real Estate and Mortgage Coaching Company, The CORE Training and knows the key to success when working with clients. Check our her tips below and get ready to rock your business!


1. Your Current Clients Do Not See The Value.

What are you bringing to the table with your Real Estate or Mortgage service? Do they see the value in your business? Show them why they should choose you! Do you provide a great customer experience, a great product, or have a great team? Give them clear reasons why you should be their #1 choice.

It is so important to provide the best customer service you can for them before you earn their business, during earning their business, and after. Check out our 4 Tips to Providing a WOW Experience To Your Clients for more help!


2. Lack of Communication With Your Clients.

Communication is a huge reason you could be losing clients. Let’s say you had a meeting recently and it didn’t exactly go the way you wanted. Tell them that! “Hey I don’t think this meeting went the way either of us wanted it to, can we have a do-over?” or “I accept full responsibility for what happened, will you accept my apology and talk this out?\”.

Being clear and assertive about your business, intentions, and any communication you have with clients builds trust. When clients trust you as a businessperson, you will retain their business and get more referrals. In the Real Estate and Mortgage industries, your clients are obtaining a mortgage and asking for loans, this is a huge life choice. Be sure to communicate clearly with them and support them through this big life change they\’re going through.



We know it can be a hard pill to swallow when your retention rates are declining and your losing clients, but by proving the value of your service and communicating clearly, you\’ll be able to gain their trust and retain their business. We hope these two tips will you help you to gain those clients back and retain more and more over the years to come. For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.


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