6 Tips to Being a Top Real Estate Agent

To be considered a top agent, it takes a certain kind of individual who embodies a few different things in life. Here at The Core Training, Inc., we teach you everything you need to know to be a top REALTOR®. Here’s a sneak peak of 6 tactics that we teach agents:


Becoming Flexible with the Market

When it comes to being flexible, we aren’t referring to simply adjusting to the market; which you will have to do anyway. However, we mean being flexible mentally. With the market constantly changing, stress can come and go. However, by remaining flexible, you could possibly have little to no stress at all. Try saying an affirmation to yourself, writing something that you are grateful for, and creating a morning routine to keep those emotions at ease.





Be A Simple Closer

Have the willingness to connect with others! Find out what your client’s fears are, and then promote that fear. Ask them if they know someone who has had a bad experience and then give them the best service experience they’ve ever had. Discuss if they want to keep their “fingers crossed” or get a guaranteed option, which is YOU. With those lines, you will be able to close that deal.




Become Fearless

Be the persistent real estate agent who does not mind making those extra phone calls. Remind yourself of how you got where you are today, and then exert that same effort. Create the urgency for individuals to come work with you by being that fearless REALTOR®. In simple terms, you are the COMMODITY. Never be afraid to return to the basics of networking events, client parties, and mailers.




Don’t Be Afraid to Chase the Big Clients

There will be times within your career where you may feel as though you are not qualified to handle big clients. Or maybe you are envious of your fellow agents who do take on that tier of clients. Do you know how they got them? They took a chance and went after them! You can do the same. Do not scare away from that! Here at The CORE Training, Inc. we teach our clients exactly to do it and what to say.




Become a Better Leader

You are always leading someone! It could be your peers, employees, or a client. In any scenario, make sure that whomever is in your circle is well taken care of. Have fun and make sure others are having fun with you. Also, make sure that you are leading with the true core values of your company.


Have A Balanced Work Life

We understand that you are always going to be busy. However, you must take time out for yourself. If you are not in tune with your spiritual, physical, and mental health, then it’s inevitable that you will eventually crash. Of course, when you are at work, you should give it your all. However, when you turn out the lights in your office at the end of the day, you need to leave it all there. Don’t bring you work home with you. When you are at home, be home and be present for your loved ones. Your work and personal life will become more fulfilling if you adopt these habits.


These are just a few of the tactics we teach our real estate agents in our 12 steps to doubling your income real estate coaching. Sign up today to get started or request a free consultation. Follow us on social media @thecoretraining to get daily tips.


– Travis Barnes