Taking Your Business from $70K to $400K: The Inspiring Journey of Real Estate Agent Sasha Farmer

How do you live a healthy, balanced life with strong personal relationships and still grow a profitable business?

Our CORE Journey takes a look at the stories of 52 real estate agents and mortgage loan officers who found a way to work fewer hours, spend more time with family, and make more money than they\’d ever dreamed simply by plugging into a dynamic community of like-minded colleagues, holding each other accountable, and embarking on their CORE Journey!

Today we share with you the inspiring journey of Charlottesville, Virginia Real Estate Professional Sasha Farmer:

I have been a student of The CORE Training for three years, a real estate agent for about seven years (starting in a down marketing), and I am 30 years old. In 2011 when I decided to join The CORE Training, my taxable income for the year was $70,000. I sold a fair amount of homes, but my expenses were high, and I was running my business haphazardly. By contract, in 2014, my taxable income for June alone was $80,000, more than a year\’s worth of work just three short years ago.

I am currently on track to make $400,000 in taxable income this year as a 30-year-old in a town that has one real estate agent for every 130 people. I never thought I\’d say those words in all of my life, much less just a few years into my career. Without The CORE Training, I probably would have gone for years and years limiting my beliefs about what I could do because of what others in my market were doing.

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