Lending A Real Perspective: Women In The Real Estate And Mortgage Industries

For decades women have played a pivotal part in the success of the home-buying process. However, there are limited resources for those women, who happen to make up over 65% of real estate agents and 56% of loan officers. Women in both industries are disproportionately represented in leadership positions, with the majority of roles held by men, and struggle to find appropriate mentorship from other women.

The challenges of lack of mentorship, compensation gaps, and social expectations as family caretakers, hinder women in most workplaces and the real estate and mortgage industries are no exception. These hurdles may be intimidating to some, but others run their real estate or mortgage businesses without permission from others and are dominating the industry.

At The CORE Training, our entire executive staff is made up of women. Outside of our founder and head coach, every position of leadership is held by a female.  13 of our coaches are strong and successful women leading the pack in their markets. So, you can say we know a thing or two on what it takes to be a successful woman in the industry while balancing a family and love life! We are incredibly proud of each one of these women and their inspirational contributions to other women in the industry.

Reeta Casey, Founding Partner

Windermere, Florida

Professional Strengths: Chasing the Big Client, Luxury Markets

Kendra Cooke, Senior Real Estate Coach

Cornelius, North Carolina

Professional Strengths: Working the Database, Time Management

Lisa Wells, Mortgage Lender Coach

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Professional Strengths: Generating Leads, Referral Partners

Niki Slater, Mortgage Lender Coach

San Antonio, Texas

Professional Strengths: Team Systems, High Emotional Intelligence

Julie Johnson, Mortgage Lender Coach

Seattle, Washington

Professional Strengths: Lead to Close Process, Maintaining Great Relationships

Danell Riggs, Mortgage Lender Coach

Prescott, Arizona

Professional Strengths: Systems & Process Driven, Strong Client Relationships, Absolute Confidence In TEAM

Stacy Peardon, Real Estate Coach

Shelby Township, Michigan

Professional Strengths: Building Rapport, Cultivating Relationships, Strong Negotiation, Problem Solving

Monica Jones, Mortgage Lender Coach

Benicia, California

Professional Strengths: Mindset, Leadership & Culture, Making Mortgages Fun Again

Austin Lampson, Mortgage Lender Coach

Santa Barbara, California

Professional Strengths: Vision Planning, Leadership, Deeping Relationships With Partners & Clients

Lisa Sinn, Real Estate Coach

San Antonio, Texas

Professional Strengths: Building Relationships, Warm Business, Building a Team

We want to hear from you, too! Feel free to share with us some tactics that provided you with the motivation and strength to become your best self in the real estate and mortgage industry.

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