152 Reasons Why You Are Ready For Real Estate Coaching

“I can remember 10 years ago being terrified to sign up as I came to the Summit. I had to promise my wife that I would not sign up because I am a professional signer-upper. It’s just what I do. After I decided, I was going to do this, I had to figure out how to break the news to her and the best thing I could think of was before I got on the plane, you hear that last call, I called her and I said ‘Hey babe, I’m excited to see you. I miss you.’- I had a new baby at home and she was pregnant- ‘Just real quick, I did sign up. We will talk about it when I get home.’ I had about 12 hours for her to decompress before I got there.

On a serious note, it’s been life-changing. We paid off six figures in debt. I didn’t belong in the room, financially. I didn’t make the numbers to be here, I am so grateful they took me. And I can tell you that I have had five kids here and it’s been enough to pay off the debt for my wife to stay at home now. And she has been working from home for about 6 years. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without The CORE.

It’s been unreal. My money has grown 6 ½ to 7 times. I never thought that this is something that would be something I could do, and I would be here for as long as I am.

I had a 152-point list as to why I wasn’t ready because you come here, you hear all these great stories. And I can remember saying, ‘Next Semester.’ But Reeta Casey (Founding Real Estate Partner) said, ‘Frank, that 152-point list is exactly the reason you need us.’ And that has been the journey, one step at a time and I am just truly grateful, a lot of great relationships.”

Frank Van Dresser is a 10-year client of The CORE Training program out of Norwalk, OH.

Licensed professional REALTOR® since 2001, team leader, husband, father of five, and FULL OF ENERGY! Frank’s focus is on taking great care of his clients, providing home evaluations, negotiating great deals for buyer and seller clients, and leading his team!

Frank’s favorite part of the job is meeting so many wonderful people, and then having them trust our team to advise them in one of the most important decisions they will make… buying/selling their property!

Frank enjoys fitness, reading, all sports, the outdoors, board and card games, and coaching youth sports. He especially enjoys doing these things with his family!

At the November 2021 Summit, The CORE had six students accomplish 10 years of coaching. The average bank account for each individual in this class was $80,000 when they started with The CORE. At the end of 2021, they average over $2,000,000 in net worth. At the start of their 10-year journey they averaged $160,000 in income a year, now they average an income of $1,800,000.

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