Preparing for a Successful 4th Quarter

The real estate market in a COVID-19 world has proven to exceed all expectations. With limited listings, multiple offers, and record low interest rates; it has been extremely challenging, yet overwhelmingly profitable. But what happens when the interest rates go back up and leads become sparse? It is time to plan for stability over the next few months to end the year strong in the 4th quarter.

Review & Renew
Step away and reflect on what your business looks like versus what you want it to look like. Take the time to reset and refresh your mind so that you can provide the best you.

Only then can you create a game plan of what the next steps will be. Are you needing to grow or develop your team? Do you need more accountability in your budgeting? Maybe you need to increase leads? No matter what you need, if you don’t take the time to find the issues, you will not be able to make it better.

Being aware and accountable for your business is one of the main keys to success. Always be a student and learn about what you can do better for your clients and your employees. What can you do to improve your business overall?

Get Serious About Client Experiences
When was the last time someone made you say “WOW”? Most of us won’t remember the last time we had an experience like that. It’s the little adjustments that make all the difference when it comes to an outstanding client experience.

Knowing your client and how to provide the best experience from start to finish will put you on top. Use an “All About You” form to get to know your clients best. Ask them questions about what they enjoy doing on the weekend, what is their favorite local coffee spot, anything that will give you an insight into their day-to-day. Use this form to cater to your client through small gifts throughout the process.

Check-in with your clients with weekly status calls to let them know what is happening throughout the process. Make “thank you” calls or videos after all appointments and don’t underestimate the value of a handwritten note. When you take the time to do the little things, your clients notice more than you think.

When the deal is closed, there is nothing more you need to do for your clients, right? Wrong. Maintaining a relationship with past clients and continually bringing them value is pivotal in providing new leads. When a past client has had an outstanding experience, they are going to refer others to you, so make that possibility last. Call your clients on their closing anniversary every year and keep tabs on what their goals are. Be their real estate expert for a lifetime, not for the meantime.

Ready to take the next step?
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