3 Brilliant Ways To Utilize LinkedIn For Your Real Estate Career

Are you a Real Estate agent that currently has a LinkedIn? Do you know how to utilize LinkedIn for your Real Estate career? It is so important to use resources you already have to build your current network and embrace new opportunities for your real estate business. If you\’re not sure how to utilize LinkedIn, we’ll give you a few tips to using your profile, connections, and LinkedIn features to boost your professional relationships.

1. Know Who To Look For

First, let’s talk about the people that will be most beneficial to you on LinkedIn. We’re talking about the financial planners, builders, sales representatives, lenders, and title companies you might have as connections. If you do not have some of these job titles as your connections, look for mutual friends or under the “people you may know” section pictured below.

It is a great idea to look over these people\’s profiles, look at their locations, and filter for people that might be a good fit for you to talk to.

2. Find New Connections

Next, remember that there are tons of people on LinkedIn that you don’t know. What if these people would be good referral partners? It’s a good idea to reach out and introduce yourself to help get these connections to like, know, and trust you. Be sure to ask yourself: How could this person benefit my role? How could we work together? Do we have any mutual friends? What can I connect with them on?

Once you\’ve established they could be a good fit, simply reach out with a friend request, and add a personalized message introducing yourself and that you’d like to learn more about their current business. Remember that people often get bombarded with messages across all social platforms, so be sure to mention any mutual friends, or establish a connection you might have with them to grab their attention. Once they\’ve accepted it\’s time to get to know their business and see how you could work together!

3. Message Your Current Connections

Do the 300, 500, or 700 connections you currently have actually know you? To properly utilize LinkedIn for your Real Estate career, focus on building relationships with these people that already connected with you! Make a goal to reach out to 5-10 people a week on LinkedIn (including new connections). Send them a message, set an appointment, call them, and try to learn more about their business. Diving into your current connection database is a great start since these people already agreed to have you as a connection! Now you just have to reach out and get to know them more, learn about their business, and see how you both can benefit from working together. More connections and conversations = more business and referrals.


Conclusion: Utilize LinkedIn For Your Real Estate Career

When thinking of how you can utilize LinkedIn for your Real Estate Career, it’s important to know who to look for, reach out to current connections, and also look for new connections. Dedicate set time to reach out to 5-10 people a week with a focus on getting to know their business. LinkedIn is full of people you know, have mutual friends with, or people who could get to know you! Don’t pass up the opportunity to meet someone new this week. For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.


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