4 Helpful Tips To Living In Gratitude

What a crazy, whirlwind of a year it has been! Living in gratitude can be hard to remember to do during times like these, but it is so important to think of the good things in your life and what you\’re grateful for. At The CORE, we try to start each day living in gratitude and realizing how great life really can be. So here\’s the question, have you been living in gratitude this year? Here\’s a few keys below that will help you focus on being more grateful and giving back.


1. Loving On Your Family & Friends

Really think about this year and reflect, have you dedicated as much time as you can allocate to your family and friends? Have you been present and spent quality time with them? This is your support system, the people that will be by your side through the good and the bad, your #1 fans that are cheering you on in life, so make sure you\’re making time and showing them you care about them. If you haven\’t been, schedule a zoom get-together if their long distance, or suggest meeting for a meal or coffee to catch-up.

2. Taking Care of Your Team

Have you taken the time to show appreciation of your team and reward them for their hard work this year? During busy season it can be easy to just give your team your list of projects and goals and let them run with it, but lets not forget to check-in with them, have team meetings regularly, and let them know of their successes and how thankful you are for them. If you haven\’t been doing this regularly, show your appreciation through writing notes, leaving voicemails, giving them a half-day, or some reward you think they\’d enjoy.

3. Thanking Your Clients & Referrals

If you haven\’t thanked your clients this year yet, call them! Reaching out to clients that have done business with you and telling them how much you appreciate their business and support is a kind gesture that can go a long way. Taking care of your clients will lead you to more referrals down the road! Speaking of referrals, reach out to them too. Let them know you\’re thankful for the opportunity to speak with them and share a mutual friend, it can\’t hurt!

4. Supporting Others/Servicing Your Community

How have you helped people that may have it worse than you? This can take many different forms such as through volunteering at a local food bank or shelter, donating money to your favorite cause/charity, helping a friend or family member going through a difficult time, serving at your church, etc. It can be easy to get caught up in our own lives and not take the time to really help others and give back, but we must remember to be thankful for what we have and use our resources to help others. Have you taken the time to help and support others in your community?

Conclusion: Living In Gratitude

2020 has definitely been a very crazy, unexpected year, but remembering to be grateful for your friends & family, taking care of your team, thanking your clients, and serving your community will keep your spirits high in the hard times. We hope these 4 tips to being grateful will help you to focus on the good. For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.

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