4 Tips to Choosing An Elite Real Estate Coaching Program

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take an important step of investing in yourself and in your business by getting real estate coaching.

But with the slew of programs out there to choose from, each with big promises dressed up in glitzy graphics and flashy photos, how do you decide which one is best for you… without wasting your time and money on programs that aren’t going to help you take your real estate business to the next level?

Here are four things to consider when deciding on a real estate coaching company:

#1 What is the quality of the coaches in the Real Estate Coaching program?

A real estate coaching program is only going to be as good as the coaches who share their expertise and relay their hard-earned knowledge.

How long have the coaches been in real estate? Tenure in the industry is important as well as whether they are currently still in real estate. Our coaches at The CORE Training, Inc., run their own real estate businesses, which keeps them relevant to the current market trends.

Their coaching students are getting advice that the coaches are using themselves currently, not what worked in a different housing market twenty years ago.

Another thing to look at is transparency about numbers. Words can boast, but numbers don’t lie. Our coaches’ numbers back up their expertise and experience by showing concretely what they’ve been able to accomplish in their own businesses.

At The CORE Training, Inc., we coach by the “bigger pile principle.” That means our coaches are earning significantly more money than the group of students they are coaching. Higher income means better systems, better leadership, and more qualified to give you advice about how to get your business to their level.

We can’t coach by the “bigger pile” if we’re not transparent about our numbers. We publish rankings to our coaching members every other month to show where every coach and member stacks up against each other.

If you’re looking at a real estate coaching program that isn’t willing to be transparent and specific about their coaches’ or members’ experience and results, it’s worth a question of how much you can trust the information you’re spending precious time and money for.

 #2 What is the quality of the customer service support?

Ask anyone about their last customer service experience, and you won’t be surprised to find that the stories you get are overwhelmingly negative. Whether you’re calling the cable company, the Internet provider, or your doctor’s office, it seems all too common to bump into unfriendly, unprofessional, or simply unavailable customer service.

Your experience of customer service support will shape your coaching experience. It will affect how likely you are to use the support that is supposedly offered to you, and how likely it is you will receive the guidance through the additional features of the coaching program beyond the basic coaching itself.

What is your experience of customer service when you interact with potential real estate coaching companies? Here are two major questions to ask:

  • How friendly or professional is your interaction? Do you hang up the phone or get off the live chat feeling empowered or discouraged?
  • How knowledgeable is the customer support? Is the person you are speaking with thoroughly familiar with the coaches, the information, and the material available to coaching members?

#3 How easy is it to access the coaches, customer service, and materials?

The glitz and glamor that you see in flashy photographs on a website is one thing, but when you’ve paid your membership fee and are granted access to a real estate coaching program, how likely are you really able to access the things that will help you gain ground in your business?

  • Is there an opportunity to ask your questions to a coach?

At The CORE Training, Inc., we offer our Level 1 students a monthly open line call along with another monthly Q&A support call. In addition, we host multiple live events each year where coaching members have the opportunity to have live, face-to-face conversations with our coaches.

  • How many layers do you need to wade through in order to speak to a live customer support person?

 In our opinion, there should be no layers! That’s why we have an actual person who answers your phone call during business hours and will either help you on the spot or direct you to someone that can. There’s no navigating a “menu of options” when you call The CORE.

  • How readily available are coaching materials that you want to use in your own business?

Rather than stashing the coaching materials on a webpage that you must take the time to navigate to and then pour over to find what you think might be the answer to your question, we train our support people to be knowledgeable about our coaching programs and all the material in our extensive library.

For example, you don’t need to remember exactly what that form was that Jim Reed mentioned in that one video about the VIP list. Just ask your support person for “that form that Jim Reed mentioned in that one video about the VIP list,” and go on about your day. You’ve got plenty of other things to do… like generate leads! We’ll hunt it down and deliver it directly to your email inbox.


#4 Which real estate coaching program will have the maximum return on my investment?

There are several considerations to make when deciding what a “return on investment” looks like to you.

Are you looking for a program that has a laundry list of features listed for the lowest price?

Or are you looking for a program that has a consistent track record for helping its clients substantially increase their income and build businesses that can sustain growth for the long-term, helping you pay off debt and increase your savings and financial security for you and your family?

In other words, are you headed to Walmart or Barneys?

That depends on the kind of business you want to build.


As we mentioned in the first consideration, a real estate coaching program should be able to demonstrate its credibility and successes. A coaching program that isn’t willing to do that might not have the success rates that they claim. Take a look on Google, Facebook, YouTube at reviews and testimonials. What do those clients mention as what they are happy with?

Craig Spicer with Keller Williams, a Level 1 client since January 2018, sent a video to his sales trainer recently saying, “I was really attracted to the CORE’s model of warm leads versus cold leads and working your past clients.”  After getting halfway through the program, he took a look at his past ten transactions and discovered seven had been repeat clients or referrals from repeat clients. “The pay off is immeasurable,” he said.

 Abby Nelson, with Great Homes Group, has been a Level 3 client since July 2017, shared how she has more than doubled her income.

What’s important about these reviews? They don’t just wax poetic about vague things they like about the program, or about how motivated they feel about the inspiring things that are said. Both Craig and Abby have specific and measurable results from applying what they’ve learned through the The CORE Training’s real estate coaching program.

Both with results well worth the investment they made to coaching.


Who is The CORE Training?

We are a professional Mortgage and Real Estate coaching company that provides mentoring and coaching to mortgage lenders and real estate agents from all over the country. Being in business since 2001, we have developed a 94% success rate with our coaching program. Just last year we created over 200 millionaires out of our coaching program.

Our Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender executive trainers have an average income of $1.3M and $2M in savings. If you are serious about building a great business and career and want to stop losing clients and generating more income, let us show you the recipe to success!


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