Four keys to choosing the right real estate coaching company

These days a search on any topic will yield a plethora of results on various people and companies that claim to be experts. Today, I Googled the keywords “real estate coaching”. That yielded over $22M results. So how do Real Estate Agents that are serious about getting results in their business, determine who the real deal is and who just hide behind fancy websites and social media posts. Well, let’s examine a few areas that you can review when trying to find the right program for you.

Testimonials that we see on infomercials are great examples of how we can really get pumped up by the experiences of others. But let’s be real, how many of those testimonials are really true and how many were just paid? When you look at testimonials on Real Estate coaching companies, do some research on the person giving the testimonial. Are they really agents? Are they even in the business?

Know the Numbers
If a company boasts they will help you make more money, then they should openly share with you how much they are making and their client’s success. The real estate coaching company should guide you on how to do a personal budget, save and help you track exactly what you have coming in and going out. Do you know your survival number?

Giving Back
Many of us are guilty of just giving back during certain times of the year. However, shouldn’t giving be done all year long? If you don’t see the information posted, then ask the company are they involved in charity or spending time with the community. After all, if you aren’t already being generous and helping others, then how can they help your real estate business?

Actively in the Business
One simple question to ask any real estate coaching company that you are considering, is have they ever sold real estate? Any online realtor® training that you consider, should have at least sold real estate. If they have never sold real estate, then how can they teach you to overcome your struggles? You don’t want to choose someone who is simply going to try to cheer you along from the sidelines. They need to be either running the race with you, or have done so in the past, so that they can show you how to either jump over or knock down the hurdles.

The CORE Training, Inc. is a real estate coaching company that has genuine testimonials, teaches our clients to know and track their numbers, gives back to others and the community as well as has coaches who are actively in the business. We pride ourselves on being authentic and transparent. If you are interested in knowing more, visit us online today at or click here for a free business consultation.