Secrets to Great Leadership for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

\”If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.\”

– John Quincy Adams

Leadership is a very important topic in The CORE Training\’s real estate and mortgage coaching programs. The reason? Because a great team is needed to develop a profitable real estate practice or mortgage business. As you grow your business, use The CORE\’s secrets to great leadership to create structure, confidence, and care within your team.

Lead by Example

Show your team how you want your clients to be greeted, how to treat co-workers, and how to complete projects by always doing things the right way. If you want them to be organized, you need to always stay organized so they see that you are pushing them to do things that you do. If your office is disorganized, how could you expect them to be organized when their leader will not do the same?

Be Caring

Nothing influences a person more than having a caring boss! Show your team you care by making them feel important to you and your business. Birthday gifts, holiday parties, and being a trustworthy, compassionate leader are a few of the many ways you can show your team members that you truly care about them.

Things to Avoid

Avoid dishonesty, talking badly about team members to others, being late for anything, and breaking promises. Your team needs a stable, trustworthy leader to lead them to their success and yours. Instead, use problems as an opportunity to teach and feedback as a way to improve systems.

Be a great leader who influences your team to want to succeed. Learn more about leading a team for your real estate practice or mortgage business by joining The CORE Training\’s Level 1 coaching program. Learn more by visiting

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