What Is a Bench and Why Should Your Business Have One?

If one of your team members were to suddenly leave, would your business be covered?

Losing a team member and not being prepared to put someone in their place could cause your team to be overwhelmed and make them lose the ability to provide superior customer service to your clients. The CORE Training\’s founder and head mortgage coach, Rick Ruby, offers a simple solution that has helped thousands of real estate agents and mortgage menders across the nation and even The CORE Training.

It\’s called a \”Bench\” and every real estate and mortgage business should have one.

What Is a Bench?

In sports, a bench would be \”the seat that players of a team sit during a game while not playing\” (Dictionary.com). When a team member gets hurt, a substitute is selected from the bench to play in their place.

The same applies to your business. In the event that a team member is terminated, becomes sick, or moves on to new opportunities, being prepared will help your business stay on track. You will also avoid the overwhelming feeling of being short-staffed and overloaded with work. If your profit and loss is causing you to refrain from having a bench, just think of how much money you could lose if you lost a very important team member and your short-staffed team couldn\’t handle the volume.

Building Your Bench

The CORE Training has recently had several unexpected events that ranged from losing an employee to early maternity leave. In all cases, the office did not skip a beat because we were prepared with a bench that was ready to step in at a moment\’s notice.

The key is properly cross-training staff members ahead of time so that when unexpected events arise (and unexpected events will happen), you will be prepared. Having a bench will ensure that you can continue to cater to your clients and build your mortgage or real estate business even if an unexpected event arises.

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