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Our hours of operation are:
Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: Closed
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19620 W. Catawba Ave, Ste 100
Cornelius, NC. 28031


The CORE Training, Inc. will never use your information for anything other than the purposes intended. We do not sell or redistribute information to outside vendors. If you have requested to be contacted, then you will only be contacted by a CORE Training, Inc. representative.

We Can't Wait to Hear From You!


Britt Ruby

Director of Operations & CFO

Kendra Cooke

Director of Sales (Agent Division) & Senior Real Estate Coach

JJ Mazzo

Director of Sales (Lender Division) & Senior Lender Coach

Human Resources

Elena Minucci

HR & Office Management

Front Desk

Jennifer Falletti

Front Desk Receptionist – 800-660-6670

Client Care

Lindsay Sparks

Concierge Team Lead x 202

Cat Hedrick

Senior Client Care x 217

Ashley Tschumperlin

Client Care & Assistant to Rick Ruby x 208

Derek Yow

Client Care x 253

Diana Joines

Client Care & Assistant to Reeta Casey & Kendra Cooke x 216

Jennifer Mora

Client Care x 261

Venessa Corgel

Client Care and Assistant to JJ Mazzo x 218

Kassi Josey

Client Care x 220

Terra Mills

Client Care x 255

Katie Murdock

Client Care x 215

Luke Laurio

Client Care x 256

Ashley Phillips

Client Care x

Taylor Phillips

Client Care x 238

Jonathan Turner

Client Care x 227

Heather Betters

Client Care for Summit Funding x 242

Kendall Poe

Client Care for Summit Funding  x 223


Eric Bjerke’ 

Senior Sales Trainer  x 212

Hao Dang 

Senior Sales Trainer  x 249

David Ruszczyk 

Senior Sales Trainer  x 243

Ryan Ellsworth 

Senior Sales Trainer  x 235

Casey Logana

Senior Sales Trainer

Anthony Richard

Senior Sales Trainer x 203

Christian McArthur

Sales Trainer x 219

Jonathon Kammerer

Sales Trainer x 263

Seth Yarber

Sales Trainer x 262

Matthew Leccese

Sales Trainer x 239

Heather Sherrill

Sales Assistant x 250

Laura Sayers

Sales Assistant x 222

Corporate Team

Krishna Honodel

Corporate Concierge x 211

Collette Lange

Corporate Concierge x 259

Project Management

Marvin King

Project Manager x 214


Jason Lutz

Shipping  x 254


Cassie Locklear

Senior Billing Coordinator

Caitlin Watson

Billing Coordinator

Web and Marketing

Tenille Norris

Web & Marketing Team Leader

Antonio Roberson

Digital Media Specialist x 207

Lindsey Anderson

Online Marketing Specialist  x 231

Information Technology

Tony Baez

IT Support Specialist x 210