What we are all about

The CORE Training, Inc. was established in 2001. We are a professional mortgage and real estate coaching company that provides mentoring and coaching to mortgage lenders and real estate agents from all over the country. The CORE helps real estate agents and mortgage lenders accumulate wealth, net more income, and run more efficient teams and business.

What we can do for your mortgage or real estate business

Our real estate and lender executive trainers have an average income of $3.6M and $2M in savings. Over the past 21 years, The CORE has developed a 94% success rate with our real estate coaching and mortgage coaching program. If you are serious about building a great real estate or mortgage lender business, then hire us and we will help you get there.

Our Vision

At The CORE, we are committed to helping our clients reach their income potential by building a structured business and working “The Blue Beast.” Through systematic accountability, we can all work 30 hours per week and take three weeks of worry free vacation while our businesses produce great results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to model successful businesses which support our lives and provide financial freedom for our families.
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Our CORE Beliefs

Everything that we teach in our real estate coaching and mortgage lender coaching falls under one of the 4 below categories…

Lead Generation


Building a Rock Star Team


Count the Money


Life Balance


Levels of our Mortgage and Real Estate Coaching

Our coaching begins with level 1 and then continues for years to come so that you never stop making professional progress. We help you eat the elephant (your business) one bite at a time
  • 1
    Level 1

    Your journey to increasing your income, becoming organized and creating life balance starts here

  • 2
    Level 2

    Attend a Summit and level up to the next tier of coaching with an even higher level of competition

  • 3
    Level 3

    Turn up the heat, this is where the millionaires are made through our highest level of accountability

Common Question: What's the difference in your programs?
Answer: The content is the same, however, the accountability is different. The higher the program level, the greater the accountability and results.