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The CORE Training, Inc. was established in 2001. We are an elite coaching company for Mortgage Lending and Real Estate professionals. The CORE provides proven systems and tactics for Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Agents to net more income, run more efficient teams and businesses, and accumulate wealth.

Rick Ruby
Founder, CEO & Head Coach

Rick has been in the mortgage business for 38 years. He owns 5 mortgage branches and has 52 loan officers. In 2021, Rick closed 3,500 loans and 73% were purchase. Rick originated personally from 1984-2009. He owns and runs The CORE Training, a mortgage and real estate coaching company with over 1,800 clients and 50 top-producing coaches. All 50 coaches earn on average $3.6M and have $2M in savings. He teaches his employees and clients how to make more, save more, and give more. The CORE Training was established in 2001. Rick also privately consults for several large mortgage banks. 

Kendra Cooke
Senior Coach & Director of Sales

Kendra Cooke, Head Real Estate Coach at The CORE Training, focuses on teaching you how to master being a high-producing real estate agent by wowing your database and balancing tasks through time management systems. 

With 30 years of real estate sales and all while working less than 40 hours a week, Kendra ran a small team of seven in Nashville, TN. She joined the Leadership Team at The CORE Training Headquarters in 2017.  Through her journey starting as a student at The CORE, she quadrupled her income and has coached and aided over 345 students in becoming millionaires. Kendra is also a wife, mother, marathoner, and volunteer. 

A concept that works


It can be truly incredible the things you can accomplish when you have a plan, a support system and the motivation to succeed. At The CORE, we believe in the power of hard work, teamwork and tenacity to go after what you want and reach your goals.  We focus on four main categories: lead generation, conversion, increasing your income, and work-life balance.


Lead Generation


Building a Rock Star Team


Count the Money


Life Balance

Levels of our Mortgage and Real Estate Coaching

Common Question: What's the difference in your programs?

We create structure and systems that work in any market. The foundation starts with generating more leads than you can handle, then building a team to cater to your clients so you can go back to your #1 job – Lead Generation! Lastly, we focus on counting the money and wealth accumulation. We apply a high level of accountability to assist you in breaking records every year!