Transforming Businesses for the Past Two Decades

Building the Mortgage or Real Estate business you want isn’t rocket science. But it does take 2 things – an understanding of what works and someone holding you accountable. The CORE gives you both. 

You will learn how to put tried-and-true tactics into practice, creating a larger business strategy and achieving the results that, until now, have been just out of reach. And you’ll have an experienced coach in your corner, pushing you toward and beyond your goals.

What We Focus On

Rick Ruby
Founder, CEO & Head Coach

Rick has been in the mortgage business for 38 years. He owns 5 mortgage branches and has 52 loan officers. In 2021, Rick closed 3,500 loans and 73% were purchase. Rick originated personally from 1984-2009. He owns and runs The CORE Training, a mortgage and real estate coaching company with over 1,800 clients and 50 top-producing coaches. All 50 coaches earn on average $3.6M and have $2M in savings. He teaches his employees and clients how to make more, save more, and give more. The CORE Training was established in 2001. Rick also privately consults for several large mortgage banks. 

Randall Mills
Director of Sales & CORE Coach

Randall Mills attended The University of Kansas and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, shortly after. With over 20 years in the finance and Real Estate development industry, Randall has been in Residential finance since 2013 and is also nationally ranked as a Top 1% originator by Mortgage Originator Magazine and The Scotsman Guide. As of September 2023, Randall has taken on the Director of Sales at The CORE HQ. Randall is the Founder of The Phoenix Suit Project, a charitable organization that collects men’s suits and puts them directly on the backs of men re-entering the workforce.

Mortgage and Real Estate Coaching

Common Question: What's the difference in your programs?

We create structure and systems that work in any market. The foundation starts with generating more leads than you can handle, then building a team to cater to your clients so you can go back to your #1 job – Lead Generation! Lastly, we focus on counting the money and wealth accumulation. We apply a high level of accountability to assist you in breaking records every year!

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