Lights, Camera, Action: Making An Impact Using Video

Research states that viewers, on average, retain 95% of the content from a video they recently watched versus the 10% they retain from reading the same message. We have all been down the rabbit hole of video, after video, on topics spanning from cats that play the piano to complex cryptocurrency theories. So why wouldn’t you want to join the playlist of content available to your current and future clients?

Get Over Yourself

For a lot of people, being in front of a camera can be intimidating. What do I say? What if I mess up? Do I need expensive equipment? What if no one watches?

Guess what? Viewers want to see relatable content from people they can see themselves trusting (especially post-pandemic), not a perfect high-end production. So, take the plunge and get in front of the camera, even if it’s just your iPhone. Just remember to be honest and real.  You aren’t an actor, and that is okay.

Create Value

Your content doesn’t always need to be about the real estate or mortgage business. Mix it up and be yourself. Tell your viewers what your plans are for the weekend, where your favorite local place to dine or shop is, anything that provides value to the community and your clients.

When you are ready to talk real estate, jump right in and remember to make it easy for your clients to understand. Don’t go into details that only those in the business know. Keep it simple and relay how you can help your clients overcome the issue at hand or take advantage of an opportunity.

Part of the Whole

These videos are not meant to replace phone calls and face-to-face interactions but be an additional asset to the process you already know works.  Things you have to explain over and over again are great topics for videos:

  • What to expect
  • What happens next
  • Do’s and Don’ts of the process

Use these videos in scheduled email campaigns, follow-ups to phone conversations, or even links in text messages. But whenever you can, try and make each video as personalized as possible. Adding in little bits about your client or just addressing them by name can make a huge impact.

Consistency and Efficiency

“I don’t have the time,” can no longer be an excuse. Schedule one day a week that you dedicate a few minutes to shoot all your videos for the week. Have your weekly schedule printed beforehand and film everything you need, that way you can get each video out promptly.

Post your videos to social media on a schedule. Market updates once a month, “Hometown Fridays” with an update on what you are digging around the community, creating a plan will help your viewers know when to tune in so they don’t miss a thing. Most of your competition will not be using video consistently. So be different and become more comfortable with sharing your business with your clients through videos.

Why Not

Check out some of these social media accounts to view amazing examples of videos that make a huge impact:

Mike Wood, Real Estate Agent & Coach | @MikeWoodTeam

Kelly Zitlow, Mortgage Lender & Coach | @KellyZitlowGroup

The CORE Training, INC. | @TheCoreTraining

Ready to take the next step?

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