3 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated Virtually

We know sometimes it can feel like your team gets burnt out, or isn’t working as hard as they were at one point, especially with how distant we all have to be right now. Although we don’t know the exact reason this happens, we’ll share some secrets from our CORE Training program’s Senior Real Estate Coach, Kendra Cooke to get your team back into action!

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1. Write Handwritten Notes to Your Team

Everyone loves a personalized note on something they’re good at or doing well, so why not write these for your team? Giving your team personalized notes shows you care and appreciate the work they do for you. Plus, they might even keep it around as a reminder of your appreciation and their hard work on the tough days.

2. Leave Voicemails On Your Employees Phones

Leaving an empowering voicemail to your employees after hours can go a long way. This will leave your team with a great start to their day and a friendly reminder that you see the hard work they do every day.

3. Celebrate & Take Care of Your Employees

Have snack baskets in your office kitchen for non-remote workers? Keep them full. Have team outings that fell off the calendar? Re-schedule them! (Yes, even if they have to be virtual). Notice your team worked extra hard at an event or task? Reward them with a day off or a gift card.

When your employees feel appreciated, they naturally will do better work. Team outings are not only fun, but they show your team that you can sit back and take a break from work. This promotes a healthy work environment and creates great bonding opportunities for your employees. A team that has fun together, gets along, and feels appreciated? That\’s a motivating environment.


We all know a team that feels supported by their company works harder and better than those who don\’t. So just remember, write handwritten notes, leave customized voicemails, and celebrate your amazing workers! We hope these 3 tips will you help you to keep your team motivated now and for years to come. For more tips and e-downloads, check out our Free Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender Resources.


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