All of the millionaires we created started on this exclusive real estate coaching program! You will learn how to...

Level 1 Real Estate Coaching

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Double Your Income

We will show you how to double, triple or even quadruple your income

Generate Leads

Learn how to prospect and generate more leads than you can handle

Know Your Numbers

Learn how to track your numbers so you can become truly profitable and save for retirement

Provide WOW Service

Learn the secrets to creating a “WOW” service experience with your clients

Time Management

Your ultimate goal should be to work 40 hours or less per week…we can show you how!

Create Life Balance

We don’t just teach you how to make more money, you also learn how to enjoy it with those that matter most

Start Real Estate Coaching Now!

Learn how to generate leads, build a team to cater to your clients, make more money and create life balance

What's included for $500 per month?

Discounted price of $400 per month for company groups of 10 or more

24/7 access to over 500+ hours of audios and videos

New audios and videos are added every month

Monthly group coaching call with Q&A

Get healthy competition

Dedicated sales trainer

Master of the process

Example forms, postcards & downloads

There's no need to recreate the wheel. We've done the hard work for you

Double Your Income Real Estate Coaching

Learn from real estate agents who started on our program, and are now coaches who have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled their income.

Interview opportunity to move up a level

Opportunities to advance through our program at a quicker pace

Monthly results & activity tracking for success

Track all of your results to set tangible goals

real estate coaching
real estate coaching, double your income
Instructional audios and videos

Get detailed instructions and explanations

Special Facebook group access

Join our community of like-minded professionals

Member discounts for the Sales MEGA event & Summit

Get discounted pricing on events

New monthly coaching videos from Rick Ruby

Get monthly updates from the president of the company

Start Real Estate Coaching Now!

Learn how to generate leads, build a team to cater to your clients, count the money and create life balance

Can I Try a Sample Audio From Your Coaching Program?


Our program divides its coaching into the categories of Lead Generation, Building a Team. and Counting the Money. Here’s a sample on the subject of using social media in your business. CLICK HERE

Who Will I Learn From?

All of our coaches are top producing real estate agents and loan officers who are currently active in the business. They all make between $500k – $23 million and have at least $500k in the bank. Our coaches are passionate about what they do and want to share the same knowledge with you that has helped them become successful and changed both their lives and businesses.

Are there any additional costs?


Unlike other programs, The CORE Training, Inc. does not charge you a set-up fee, for support, or for program updates.

Is there a contract/commitment?


In order for you to truly see results, we require a 12 month commitment. Please reference the agreement details here

How can I pay for Level 1 for Real Estate Agents?

You can sign up online with a credit card, creating an automatic monthly subscription.

What exactly will I be learning?

  • Vision: What Are You Building – CORE Founder and Head Coach Rick Ruby kicks off the Level 1 course by helping you create your vision and purpose.
  • Database – CORE Principals Reeta Casey and Rick Ruby will discuss the importance of investing in software, choosing specific people to target, and the three things you MUST do to deepen relationships.
  • Time Management – Rick Ruby will show you how to get 80 hours of work done in 40 hours per week. It all starts with you taking charge.
  • Initial Contact – The first step to a sale! In this step, CORE Coach Reeta Casey will walk you through the Greatness Tracker and how to keep yourself accountable to selling.
  • Know Your Numbers – Rick Ruby teaches you how to implement four key CORE forms into your daily business activity so you will be able to track and analyze all fiscal activity and lead generation.
  • Build Rapport – Reeta Casey shares systems and tactics to build trust, build rapport, and help you create a process that will give you the tools to give your clients a WOW experience every time!
  • Team Building – In Step 7, Reeta Casey guides you through the process of building a team around you so that you can work fewer hours and explode your business!
  • Mastering the Close – Rick Ruby gives you specific tactics that will convert your leads into appointments and your appointments into deals.
  • Chasing the Luxury Market and Farming – Reeta Casey explains how easy it is to get into the luxury market simply by executing initial contact, building rapport, getting referrals, and using the triangle of trust.
  • How to Show Property – Reeta Casey describes how to show a property using tactics that give you full control over your time and the number of showings per client.
  • Leveraged Events – Reeta Casey explains how you can grow your business through leveraged events.
  • Life Balance and Accountability – Rick Ruby explains the importance of maintaining a well-balanced life balance and holding yourself accountable.

What am I waiting for?

We don’t know what you are waiting for. The CORE Training Level 1 Coaching coaching program is a low-risk solution that allows you to have a complete learning management system in place for your business quickly. If you follow our plan, your business/income WILL increase!