4 Tips for Overcoming the Fear to Hire

Hiring Employee Interview

Lately, the market has been crazy and interest rates have been at an all-time low. As a result, many of us have had more work than we can handle and need to hire ASAP. Some are nervous to hire again while others simply do not want to make hiring mistakes. Here are 4 tips to overcome your fear of hiring taught by Senior Real Estate Coach, Kendra Cooke.

Step 1:

Write down everything you are doing that can be delegated to a new team member. (For example: sending emails, watering the plants, checking social media.)

List of Items

Step 2:

Have a list of 15-20 tasks for your new hire and have had them complete a DISC Test. Having a list with multiple items on it ensures you will keep your new staff member busy throughout the day while helping you take things off your plate.

Step 3:

Train according to the list you made. This training does not have to be perfect, just show them how you do certain tasks. They might develop their own way to do things and that is okay, but showing them how you normally handle it gives them an idea of your expectations for the task.

Co-workers Laughing

Step 4:

Do not wait until you are drowning in work and need a quick hire. We know being in the real estate and lending markets can be crazy busy at times, but do not wait until the last minute to hire your next employee. Prepare before the busy season so you can hire someone that is a good fit, hard worker, and someone you want to keep around for a while.

Although the hiring process can seem overwhelming at times, these 4 steps will equip you with the tools you need to make the perfect hire and overcome your fears. At the CORE Training, we utilize DISC Testing prior to deciding on hiring an employee. To learn how to Stop Hiring Losers, checkout Minesh Baxi’s book.

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