12 Irresistible Reasons You Need A Coach

We know joining any new program can be scary, but if you really want to grow your business, having a coach is the way to go. We\’re giving you 12 reasons you need a coach. So, if we told you that by this time next year, you could practically DOUBLE your income by getting a coach, would you believe us?

Our CORE Coaches all make $1 Million a year and teach their students how they can continue to double their income and reach their goals too. We know talking about money can seem like a far stretch, so let us get into what coaching really offers you and how it can change your Real Estate or Mortgage business for good.


1. Proven Scripts to Follow

Do you feel like you are saying the wrong things when speaking to potential clients? Coaching gives you proven scripts to utilize when talking to clients and trying to close deals. Following these will not only boost your closings, but will also help you gain confidence in your sales pitches.

2. Roleplay & Practice



We know what you are thinking, roleplaying a sales conversation with people I don’t know? No thanks. Wrong answer people! Practicing with like-minded individuals and a coach will only help you get better and master the sale. Our students are given the opportunity to make their skills close to perfect with designated coaching calls.

3. Build Internal Confidence 

Sometimes starting off in the Real Estate or Mortgage business can be scary and a lack of confidence in your services and expertise can be an issue, but at The CORE, our coaches will give you specific ways to boost your confidence and let it show. Building internal confidence in yourself will not only help you gain more clients, but will also help you perform better throughout the day.

4. Consistency Through Proven Processes

At The CORE, we give you processes and systems designed by Real Estate and Mortgage Lender experts, Rick Ruby and Reeta Casey. These processes and systems keep you focused on your to-do list, money making activities, and hold you accountable to your tasks. The only question is, will you stick to the processes and systems to reach your highest potential?

5. Tracking The Numbers

Are you currently tracking the numbers going in and the numbers going out of your business? A lot of people forget to track every single dime they spend on business activities as well as every single dime they make. This is important so you can look at areas that need improvement and areas that are strong in your business. At The CORE, we not only track our personal budgets, but we help you track your business budget too! A well-balanced personal and business budget = the path to building wealth.

6. Direct Guide to Tightening Your Lead Generation and Conversion

Most students come into our coaching and do not have a specific plan for lead generation and conversion that they are following. At The CORE, we teach our students the best ways they can generate leads without spending extra money, while also identifying top-quality leads that are more likely to convert. More lead generation and conversion = more business for you! Our students double their income from learning the right type of lead generation to use, how to convert these leads, and how to utilize your current clients!

7. Accountability & Pushing Yourself

In our CORE Coaching, you not only have a designated coach to guide you through the program, but you also have coaching calls, assignments, competitions, and goals. Plus, you get access to our highest performing coaches through 500+ hours of recorded audio and video lessons that you can utilize 24/7. Your personal concierge will check-in with you, keep you up to date on calls, answer any of your questions, and make sure you get your homework done in time! Our coaches range from hard-core, motivational, tactical, and all of the above. All of our coaches have been through the program and are personally selected by the owners from being high achievers in their class.

8. Life Balance

Students often come to us and are working 60+ hours a week trying to get everything done, while making a less than ideal income. We teach you specific theme days to follow that keep you on track and show you what tasks can be handed off and which tasks you need to keep. More green time in your schedule= more money coming your way! We\’ll teach you how to properly time-block, assign duties to others, and keep your personal life top-priority.

9. Stock Market & Investing

Building wealth is a priority at The CORE, and not only just through your business. We believe in helping you build wealth through our Real Estate and Mortgage Lender coaching, but also like to give you budget tips, investing tips, and get you involved in stocks. Oh, did we mention our Owner & Founder, Rick Ruby, gives money and financing tips to students every week? We want to help you make, save, and give more than ever before.

10. Investing In Your Team

Building a team is scary, which is why we will not only help you build a team by telling you what positions to fill, when to fill them, and how much to spend, but we also want your team to be fulfilled and work hard for you. We give you strategies to bring your team closer and ways to boost your employee retention through making them feel appreciated and glad to work with you.

11. Be Surrounded by Hard Working Individuals

Not only do you get access to top-performing Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders, but you also get access to 500+ like-minded individuals in your field of business! You will immediately get access to your exclusive Facebook Group to connect with peers, meet other students in your level, ask questions, and connect with CORE Trainers & Concierges.

Want to meet your fellow coaching students in person? Join us at CORE Events! CORE Events are not only great for networking, but you will get to meet industry leaders, CORE Coaches, Concierges, and your fellow coaching peers. Yes, the founders of The CORE will be there too with quality time built into the schedules to ensure you get to ask all the important questions you want to our top-performing Agents and Lenders.

 12. DOUBLE Your Income

Yes, we said it. Doubling your income is easy when you have a coach, follow the systems and structures, stay on top of assignments, and put in the work. We have the guide, you just have to follow it. Don’t believe us? Check out our client testimonials here and learn how people like Kellen took their income from $65,000 to $120,000 in the first year of coaching.


Conclusion: 12 Irresistible Reasons You Need A Coach

We\’ve just given you 12 reasons you need a coach to help improve your business. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Work less hours, have a team, double your income, and have work-life balance? It really is possible! Get a free coaching session today and see how over 220 of our members became millionaires just last year. Get Your Free Coaching Session Today!


Who is The CORE Training?

We are a professional Mortgage and Real Estate coaching company that provides mentoring and coaching to mortgage lenders and real estate agents from all over the country. Being in business since 2001, we have developed a 94% success rate with our coaching program. Just last year we created over 220 millionaires out of our coaching program.

Our Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender executive trainers have an average income of $1.3M and $2M in savings. If you are serious about building a great business and career and want to stop losing clients and generating more income, let us show you the recipe to success!

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