Tactile Vs. Motivational Coaching

If you search the net, you will find tons of blogs on whether you need a real estate coach or mortgage coach in your business. The reason it’s such a controversial subject, is because the definition of what a coach should help you accomplish can be skewed.

Some gravitate towards motivational coaches. This type of coach hypes you up, fixes your mindset and then gets you ready for battle. Since many people struggle with motivation, this is automatically the type of coach they feel best suits their business. However, they later get frustrated, because although they felt pumped, they didn’t really see big results from their coaching.

Tactile coaches are very different. They give you specific instructions on what to do to get a desired result. They tend to lack the fluffy pick me up of motivational coaches. Tactical coaches drop the hammer down and then tell you exactly what you need to do to change and grow.

The CORE Training, Inc. focuses on tactical instead of motivational coaching. We show you how to generate leads, build and team and build wealth. All our tactical mortgage and real estate coaches are actively in the mortgage and real estate business. Therefore, they share exactly what steps they took to achieve their desired results. Request a free consultation today: www.thecoretraining.com/freeconsultation