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Real Estate Agent Books

Real Estate Agent Books

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Our CORE Journey

What do you do when you’ve tried all your tricks, drained all your energy, expended all your resources, consumed all your time, and yet you still can’t push into that next level? How do you live a healthy, balanced life with strong personal relationships and still grow a profitable business? Our CORE Journey takes a look at the stories of 52 mortgage lenders and real estate agents who found a way to work fewer hours, spend more time with family, and make more money than they’d ever dreamed simply by plugging into a dynamic community of like-minded colleagues, holding each other accountable, and embarking on The CORE journey


The Roadmap to a $30 Million Real Estate Business

This book is specifically designed to help Real Estate Agents do three simple things: Prospect, build a team and accumulate wealth. Everything in life is a learned skill. You can absolutely do anything that is taught in this book. The catalyst is you.


The Blue Beast Business Organizer

The CORE Blue Beast tracks everything about your business. It helps you with your leads, personal budget, profit and loss, etc. It saves you time and gets you organized so you can run a tight business. * UPS DOES NOT SHIP TO PO BOXES


Get it in Gear Pack

1. Four awesome training CD’s from our 12 Steps to Doubling Your Income Program on either prospecting, building a team or making more money for Mortgage Lenders
2. The Business Improvement Booklet (emailed download)
3. The Blue Beast Workbook
4. Six steps to financial freedom CD