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CORE Courses



These courses for mortgage lenders and real estate agents will show you how to tackle a specific area of your business in a little over an hour. Purchase the class and learn directly from some of the top agents and loan officers in the business. Each course will include a physical CD and DVD that will be shipped to you. You will also receive an online version of the course as well as class handout examples.

Being a Better Business Partner

(Primarily for Mortgage Lenders)

Partnership isn’t just about what you can gain for your own business, it’s also takes participation. Genuinely investing in the success of another. In this course, CORE coaches Josh Sigman and Mark Kuchik dive into this subject with personal examples. They discuss proven tactics that bring value to business relationships. These principles ring true in any business relationship be it real estate agents, mortgage lenders or channel accounts./span>


The Power of Delegation

How do I empower my team? How do I delegate without micromanaging? In this course, CORE coaches Greg Gale and Phil Puma answer these questions and more. Learn tactics for clear delegation, how to train team members for success, and how to run a great team meeting. Ask yourself, how much $10-an-hour work are you doing daily?


Generate More Leads Than You Can Handle

In this course, senior CORE coaches Jim Reed and Kendra Cooke outline practical activities for each day as a producing loan officer or real estate agent to cultivate leads and build business referral relationships.


Chasing & Catching Whales

In this course, CORE partner Reeta Casey and CORE coach Shayla Gifford, define corporate accounts and “whales”: Who they are and how to obtain them. They break down common fears and hesitations and give personal tactics that have yielded huge professional results. Bonus materials include interviews with a top builder and a former HR director of an NBA team


Creating Loving Profitable Relationships (LPR)

When you make a sale, you earn a commission. When you make a friend, you earn a fortune. In this course, CORE founder Rick Ruby interviews some of his top producing coaches on the practical tactics they use to work their VIP lists. You will learn the importance of top lists and how to work them. Discover the “why” behind the relationship-based business.


The CORE Courses Vol. 1

Prospecting. Building a Team. Counting the Money. These are our CORE principles. Volume 1 of The CORE Courses focuses heavily on prospecting with an emphasis on working lists and building relationships.This set also begins to tackle the responsibility of leadership and the task of delegation. Each course is packed with tactics and experience from producing industry leading professionals. Take a seat because class is about to begin!