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About Us

What The CORE Training Is All About and How it Can Help You!

The CORE Training, Inc. is a business consulting company that coaches and mentors Top Producing Loan Consultants and Real Estate Agents from all over the country. We specialize in training our students how to have very Successful Businesses which support their lives and provide financial freedom for their families.

The CORE is one of the few training company where you learn from other professionals who are currently in the business and living what we teach every day. We have coaching for both Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers no matter what stage you are in your career.

Come learn from some of the best in the industry who are willing to share their exact formula of success with YOU! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Get started today!

Our Vision

At The CORE, we are committed to helping our clients reach their income potential by building a structured business and working “The Blue Beast.” Through systematic accountability, we can all work 30 hours per week and take three weeks of worry free vacation while our businesses produce great results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to model successful businesses which support our lives and provide financial freedom for our families.

Around Here We Believe In

Prospecting, Prospecting, Prospecting

Build a Team to Cater to Your Clients

Counting the Money

4 Major Components of All Great Businesses

Vision: What it looks like when it’s done
Structure: Clear definition of who does what
Systems: Anything that happens 90% or more of the time
Accountability: What happens when things go wrong

The Two Laws

You must save 20% of your taxable income every month

You must replenish your pipeline with more units than you close

Systems & Structure

Everything has to be structured. If it’s not a system then it doesn’t count.

Bigger Pile Principle

The person that achieves the most tangible results in a particular field has the most to teach.

6 Tracking Tools

Greatness Tracker:

Tracks all your effort

Lead Tracker:

Tracks all incoming leads for quantification

Pay Log:

Tracks commissions on a per deal basis

Business Profit and Loss:

Shows net profit or loss from business


Personal Budget:

Shows us if we are obtaining true wealth or just spending a high income


Goal Setting:

Set goals for yourself early and achieve them